New Beat: Better-Stronger-Faster

I made this beat after i turned the album in, and once i was finished with it i felt this track would fit well with the other beats on the album.
The uptempo vibe would mesh right in, but it was too late. It was suppose to drop on the 14th the day before the album, but was released two days later. To me this is my version of Kanye & daft punks stronger. So come check out the track and buy the track if you love the bounce it brings.

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BSF copy

NEW BEAT ALBUM: Love Me Now or Hate Me Then

On October 15th i released my tenth beat project title “Love Me Now or Hate Me Then”.
An uptempo vibe of an album with good versatility once again showcasing my range as a producer.
My usual beat albums are put out through but not for free download, but this album will be for sale all
17 beats for $9.99.

Once the beats are purcashed wether seperately or as a whole they are subject to leasing rights only.

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LMN_HMT2 copy