Kevin Lindsey

Writer – Director – Filmmaker – Digital Artist

Kevin Lindsey is a Writer, Filmmaker, and Digital Artist hailing from Saint Louis Missouri. Kevin is also the founder of House of L Creative Arts/Cinematic and Writers Not Biters writers room. As a writer Kevin has written various film screenplays, comic book scripts, short films and two web series.

Kevin has spent the past seven years as a freelance Director, Cinematographer and Editor. Filming short films of his own but also shooting and editing various music videos for local artist. During 2019 he was the cinematographer and editor for upcoming web series titled “Toxic” which will be premiering late 2020.

Keeping his drawing skills sharp, he adapted more of a digital art style and has been a freelance digital artist for the past four years.

In 2018, Kevin published various articles written for a well known web site and received great praise for his writing.

Formerly known as “Pharaoh the Producer,” Kevin has put his music producer career on hold and spends his time creating worlds and being a story teller. Whether is in the form of novels, comics, or visual, creativity is the fire that burns deep within him.

Specializing In…
  • Creativity
  • World Building