Music Production

From 2005 to 2017,  I produced music and operated under the moniker “Pharaoh The Producer.”

Below represents my entire Beat mixtapes and album catalog from 2010 till 2017.

Click on album title to access.

Pharaoh The Producer. 

Pharaoh’s Domain (2010)
Pharaoh’s Domain Vol 2 (2010)
Last Time I Heard Vol 3
All Hail The King
All Hail the King
Left over beats that didnt make the Vol 4 beat album
Red Hood
Red Hood
electro magnus
Electro Magnus
Anthology Vol 1
Anthology Vol 2
Halloween Havoc

Album: Love Me Now/Hate Me Then

LMN_HMT2 copy

EP: The Sample Tape Vol 1 EP

Album: Divine Aura

Album: Thy Highly Favored 

Single: Make the Best of the Night
mtbotn COVER

EP: Legacy/Capsule #1

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