Graphic Design

A collection of graphic design projects and various types.

Social Media Ads

Ads created for the Boys & Girls club summer enrollment to be used on Facebook and instagram. Ads created in Photoshop.


Poster A:
Created for a music documentary about the current state of St Louis Hip Hop Music.

Poster B:
Mock flyer for a potential client who was creating a local festival.

Both flyers created in Photoshop.


Mock infographic and Film info/flyer.

Film flyer created to aid upland coming film students with crafting their stories.

Both created in Photoshop.

Website Layout

Mock website layouts.
Website layout A:
Created to showcase the potential look of a possible new sneaker website.

Website layout B:
A mock website for travel guides about various national parks across various parts of the United States.

Both Layouts created in Photoshop.

Physical Mock Website.

Email Letter

Mock email letter to show to a potential client who was planning to start a travel agency business.

Email letter created in photoshop.