New Beat: West Ride 1-27-2015

New beat, I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile because I made it on my iPhone and wanted a video to add to it but things just never worked out right when I tried recording it. So check out my new banger West Ride

Click link below to listen to full beat

westride copy

New Beat: Forgive Me

It’s the return of the King. After a five month hiatus I’m coming to drop some new heat for the new year. A new beat titled “Forgive Me”
Legend of the fall album coming later this year


Forgive Me by PharaohTheProducer on #SoundCloud image

Gold Links: Produced by Beau Willie X Pharaoh The Producer

What happens when you put two of st louis’s up and coming producers in one room with a keyboard pure heat!
Check out a track produced by me and fellow producer Beau Willie

Gold Links –

GoldlinksCover copy

Music Mondays: July 28th-CLR: Revenge Of Charles Lee Ray

Week 3 of my #MusicMondays Beat Series
This week I drop “C.L.R: Revenge of Charles Lee Ray
I’ll Let you guys discover why the track was named this way if you didn’t already know when first hearing it.


MusicMondays copy

Music Mondays: July 21st – Salute The G!

Welp its the second week in the #MusicMondays Beat series and like i stated in the last post im going to be dropping a different beat each week. Now when i say different this could also mean different in style also. So hit the play button and check out “Salute The G!” Produced by none other than me “Pharaoh The Producer”MusicMondays copy

Music Mondays: July 14th-Raidens Uppercut

I wanted to do something different so i’ve always wanted to do something along the lines of me uploading a different week. Mondays would be the perfect day considering the vastly popular hashtag #MusicMondays. So i’m going to start this off with my first beat of the series “Raidens Uppercut”. MusicMondays copy