Halloween Havoc EP

Since before I dropped the”Electro Magnus” beat project I had in my mind to create three different characters…villains to be exact. With these three characters I would draw and create a quick comic as well as beat projects to accompany the characters. I thought this would be a way to incorporate both my drawing skills and music together. It would be my version or red hood ( somewhat similar to jason Todd from batman), Electro Magnus, and Kyd Darknss. The characters musical project would have a different type of vibe but yet still similar with my style of production. Red hood is more uptempo but big bass, still has that real punch. Electro’s was more synths more leads, pads, and sounds of that nature. Kyd’s would be were I would display my darker style of beats, with haunting piano melodies, vocal fx, choirs, and voices. After I released Electro Magnus I started to creat beats for Kyd Darknss but felt burnt out by that time and nothing was sounding right. So after a year I finally preset the Kyd Darknss EP titled “Halloween Havoc” hence the reason it was dropped on Halloween. So click on the link below and check it out



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