Oldie But Goodie: Gotta Love

This beat i created over 4 years ago, will be four years exact on nov 27th. I was going through some old beats and came across this and basically fell in love with the beat all over again. So i decided to re mix the beat, now that i have better headphones and a interface. hearing it come through fresh equipment verses what i had to use back then gave it a fresh breath of life to me. By tweaking a few things and messing with EQ i feel this beat is ready to be re released sounding a tad more better that before. When i made this track i wanted it to be different from the RnB on the radio, i wanted to bring back that feeling of an “Art of Noise” track mixed with my style and vibe. I didnt want to stop there though, i wanted to beat to feel “SPACELY” give it an out of this world Atmosphere type feel and vibe. So here it is “Gotta Love 2013 Version”

Click Pic Below to Listen To Track

GottaLove copy

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